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Sarchimor, this variety comes from a cross between two varieties: Villa Sarchí (from the bourbon coffee family), and the Híbrido de Timor. It was called Villa Sarchí because it was extracted from coffee plantations located in the town of Villa Sarchí in Costa Rica in the mid-20th century. On the other hand, the Timor Hybrid is a variety that has been used to improve resistance to Rust.

The names of Villa Sarchí + Híbrido de Timor were combined to finally call it Sarchimor. This variety has become popular in many farms of the American continent and the Indian subcontinent for its excellent cup, productivity and tolerance to some pests.



Sarchimor Coffee: Tasting Notes.

·         Its fruit is dark red when it has matured and is at its optimum point. Its quality is similar to the standards of varieties such as Typica and Bourbon.

·         Cultivated between 1,400 and 1,500 meters.

·         In the cup, it is a coffee with fresh, herbal aromas, with sweetness, moderate acidity and a long-lasting aftertaste.

·         Large coffee beans.


Yellow Honey Process

Aroma: Herbal. 
Flavor: Fresh with sweetness.
Body: High intensity and creamy textura.
Acidity: Subtle moderate and long-lasting aftertaste.
Variety: Sarchimor
Process: Honey
Roasts: Medium, Medium – Dark

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Sarchimor Premium Grain Package with 500 grms

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