There is a lot of talk about specialty coffee or specialty coffee, to refer to coffee with qualities that characterize it as a very good quality coffee.

These coffees are perfectly matured, carefully harvested and have a well-developed body, a pleasant aroma and a lively sweetness that only high-quality specialty coffees contain.

To validate this quality, some attributes are valued (cleanliness, sweetness, body, flavor and residual flavor) and there is the SCAA scale that gives it a score according to its attributes. It characterizes a special coffee that is rated from 80 points to 89 points. However, we have given ourselves the task of positioning in this category only those coffees that have a cupping score higher than 87 points, and why only those higher than 87 points? Very easy, all our coffees have scores greater than 80 points, that is, they are all special.

If we had to choose a single category for all our coffee varieties, we would only think of one, but we would NOT call it THE BEST COFFEE IN COSTA RICA, because we are a blessed country and many other producers also offer excellent coffee, but if we could use another: ONE OF THE BEST COFFEE IN COSTA RICA.

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