Coffee can be found in several ways: beans, ground, although regardless of the format in which we find it, the quality of the coffee depends on other factors such as: type of seed, conditions of the place where the plant is grown, method of collection and of course, form of processing. All this will make the final coffee that reaches our cup have a better flavor and body. And this we "coffee lovers" know and appreciate. We care so that each of these factors is applied correctly in our coffee plantations.

For years we have learned that the best way to guarantee excellent quality in our coffees is also in the dedication, effort and love that we offer to our activity every day. We can attest that all our coffees are of the highest quality.

Our PREMIUM coffee is made up of 100% Arabica and is cultivated and processed in the best conditions. We get it only from red, well-ripened cherry trees.

The classification of our products in different categories is based exclusively on different varieties and unique and special characteristics as well as tasting notes obtained from each one, but the experience on the palate when trying any of our coffees is unique and exquisite, as Our motto says "A Flavor Ecstasy to the Palate".

If we had to choose a single category for all our coffee varieties, we would only think of one, but we would NOT call it THE BEST COFFEE IN COSTA RICA, because we are a blessed country and many other producers also offer excellent coffee, but we could use another: ONE OF THE BEST COFFEE IN COSTA RICA.

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